Service offering
Service offering

SYRCON supports middle and bigger-sized companies in the following situations: the overall performances do not correspond with expectations and there are concepts to be developed that show yet further potentials regarding economic efficiency – and, on occasion, how to raise these potentials. Oftentimes questions are also posed about the most beneficial structure of locations, about out- or in sourcing or how a careful use of the deployed resources capital, work, environment and land can be assured.

There are no across-the board answers to such basic questions but it is rather the task to illuminate many different aspects and to develop for every company a specific strategy that is uniquely adjusted to the particular situation. At first it is fundamental to analyze the present situation. Following factors could be included: financing, capital resources, existing processes in administration, production and logistics, as well as exposure of avoidable cost drivers and weak points. The resulting actions can involve a build up, alteration, reorganization, or restructuring of the company as reasonable solution.

Should a situation present itself where weak points of the location gain such a high significance that a need for action is given, SYRCON will also support you with the systematic search of suitable locations, that cover all fundamental criteria. These also include changes in the corporate structure, buying and selling of companies and real estate, planning and realization of smooth staff increase and reduction as well as management of the project realization. In any case we attach importance to consequent progress control of the operating projects. We ensure in addition that existing knowledge in the company and the willingness of change of its employees is reasonably included in the projects.

SYRCON presents broad experience and great know-how in the specified areas. This builds a basis for well-balanced, sustainable solutions and facilitates durable result improvements.

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