Dr. Stephan C. Ahbe

Dr. Stephan C. Ahbe studied Management, Technology and Economics following his studies of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University Darmstadt and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH- Zurich). He started his professional career as project manager with leading functions in the logistics division of a Swiss conglomerate. Later he took over the technical direction of a leading household appliances manufacturer. Several positions in the managements of metal and plastic processing companies with focus on component suppliers and engine building industrie followed. The broad knowledge and experience gained in this background build the basis of his advisory activity at SYRCON.

Dr. Heribert Popp

Dr. Heribert Popp studied engineering in economics with the technical specialization mechanical engineering. The focusses in the economic part of his studies were controlling, finance and taxes. He started his professional career as a controller of a paper manufacture group company. Activities in medium-sized family-owned companies of the building and packaging sector with an international orientation followed. These roles with an overall responsibility covered all commercial sectors including marketing and distribution. His activity as a consulting partner at SYRCON bases upon profound knowledge of theory and intensive experience in industry in medium-sized and bigger companies.

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