Dr. Stephan Ahbe

Dr. Heribert Popp

He first studied mechanical engineering at the TU Darmstadt and the ETH Zurich. This was followed by studies in business and production sciences, also at the ETH Zurich. He started his professional career as a project manager in leading positions in the fields of packaging technology, environment and logistics for a major Swiss group. Later he took over the technical management of a leading household appliance manufacturer. This was followed by several positions in the management of metal and plastics processing companies with a focus on subcontracting and mechanical engineering. The broad knowledge and experience he gained in these positions form the basis for his work as a partner at SYRCON.

He studied industrial engineering at the TU Darmstadt with a technical specialising in mechanical engineering. The main focus of the economic part of his studies was in controlling, finance and taxes. He started his professional career as a controller for a group company in paper production. This was followed by positions in medium-sized family-owned companies with an international orientation in the construction, building supply industry and the packaging sector. These functions covered all commercial areas including marketing and sales. His work as a consultant at SYRCON is based on well-founded theoretical knowledge and intensive practical experience in large and medium-sized companies.

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